Institutions in the West Bank

The Palestinian territories, including the West Bank and Gaza, are home to roughly 50 colleges and universities.  Within this group, there is a range of institutional types including research universities, 4-year colleges, and community colleges. Some are Christian, some Islamic, and some secular.  They are located in both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (including East Jerusalem). This study will focus on the West Bank and could include institutions such as the following:

Research universities

Arab American University (Jenin)

Al-Quds University (multiple campuses)

Bethlehem University (Bethlehem)

Birzeit University (Birzeit)

Hebron University (Hebron)

An-Najah University (Nablus)

Palestine Polytechnic University (Hebron)

Palestine Technical University (Kadoorie)


Bethlehem Bible College (Bethlehem)

Dar-al-Kalima University of Arts & Culture (Bethlehem)

Latin Patriarchate Seminary (multiple campuses)

Palestine Ahliya University (Bethlehem)

Palestine Technical College - Girls (Ramallah)

Community colleges

Andaleeb College for Nursing
Community Health College
Hebron Nursing College (Hebron)
Hisham Hijjawi College of Technology (Nablus)
Ibrahimieh Community College (Jerusalem)
Al-Najah National Community College (Nablus)
Ramallah Women Training Center (Ramallah)