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All You Need to do is Ask

A poem based on a feed.

I went on Facebook today and asked a question:

"Do you personally know someone who has lost their life to COVID?

Several deaths at my church.

I have a hospice patient currently dying from COVID complications

I had COVID along with 9 members of my family. My grandpa died from it.

My cousin recovered, but she feels weak now.

I know someone who was moved to a nursing home, she's in her 60's and was healthy before Covid. Tragic.

My sister in law lost her dad and grandmother in one week.

A childhood doctor died from it.




The news we get from each other doesn't come with a filter.

Brothers, wives, sisters, grandpas, doctors, patients, colleagues, husbands, friends, cousins, children.

Thirty posts by dinner, sixty logged by morning.

Each a story, a life, a death.

All you need to do is ask.

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